married sort of

In this dream my girlfriend and I went to visit my grandparents. I dont know if we were married or not, but here sister and her sister’s husband were with us. the had a son, (in real life they do not). The father kept calling him a different name whenever he addressed him. there was more but not a whole lot more.

The second dream…my gf was in the hospital i had to pick her up and watch out for her. I was happy to do this, but she wasnt going to be able to work for a while and we were supposed to ref a game that started in a couple hours, our assigner is gonna be pissed


So I have been off for a long time…

I missed the dreams. I have been so focused on school and life and everything I neglected my dreams. I plan to start over begining tonight. I still doubt the validity of lucid reports but I have had a semi lucid experience before and I feel like I waste a good 6-9 hours everyday sleeping, If i can get these hours back in a lucid state, I may be able to do something more productive with that time.


my girlfriend wants this quilt, so she’s making me do this!

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my ream journeyhas started to become clearer.  i have begun waking myself with my alarm clock earlier than normal that way i can get some good dreams in before i actually have to get up.  it works


I have given up hope.  Not on my dreaming, but on others help.  The aid i have recieved has been helpful. so thank you to those of you who have helped my in my dream quest.  what i have given up on is the amount of help.  Is it just me or is the lucid dreaming world small than i think it is.  i have this grand idea of lucid dreaming in which people hang out and discuss their dreams.  yet, i have yet to find such a group.  it is one thing to talk with a human every once in a while, online, about my dreams.  it is another thing talking with a person face to face consistently, about my dreams.  my dreams have become my work.  not so much the horrible work that the word implies, but something i would enjoy making a career.  basically what i am trying to say is in order for me to become the dreamer i want to be i need a mentor.  someone who has “been there” and can guide me to the understanding and comprehension i so desire… 



I am looking for someone i can talk to, or a forum i can use to help with my lucid developement.  if anybody knows anything let me know…thanks so much


i killed a man.

he was going to an authority…he found out about the girl that lives with our horse…that poor horse no body pays attention to her anymore.  i flung the guy over a railing….i had to jump up three flights of stairs to get ahead of him.  but i flung him hard…his head whipped into the concrete…the doctor told me he was dead on the spot so i ran…i circled around, doubled back, and eventually made my way back home…my wife asked what i had done. i told her that i took care of it…i left it at that

what could this mean


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